Sunday School Lesson 710 Parable of the Ten Pounds

Lesson: 710 Lesson Name: THE TEN POUNDS
Theme: Christ the Lord / Choices / Future Events / Accountability

Reading: Luke 19:11-28

Memroy Verse: Romans 2:11
Memory Verse Text: There is no respect of persons with God.

Point 1: The Lord chose to put his property in the hands of his servants. The Lord gave them instructions what to do with it, but left leeway for their individual abilities. The Lord gave them opportunity v13 until His return. A pound - ie about 12.5 ounces of Silver Money
Point 2: His citizens hated him. They refused to have him reign over them.
Point 3: He came back as he promised. First he deals with his servants (like the judgment seat of Christ). They must account for what he has placed in their care. Application can be made to both saved and unsaved. Note how they differed in their ability but their responsibility was equal. The must account to him.
Point 4: The thoughts of the servant who failed him are close to the thoughts of the citizens. Compare the thoughts of a worldly believer to the world around us. The world brings forth no fruit for God's glory. What a pity if we are like them. After he deals with his own, then he deals with his enemies (like the great white throne).

Notes: Note - two reasons are given for this parable. v11 - 1.near to Jerusalem (his rejection and cross???) 2. They had wrong thoughts. 2nd Note - v28 tells us that the Saviour literally and figuratively was ascending towards Jerusalem and the Cross - like the altar!

See also: The Bema - the Judgement Seat of Christ.

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