Sunday School Lesson 701 The Good Shepherd

Lesson: 701 Lesson Name: The Good Shepherd
Theme: Christ the Shepherd

Reading: John 10:1-18, 26-28

Memroy Verse: John 10:11
Memory Verse Text: I am the Good Shepherd: the Good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep.

Point 1: There are others who are interested in the sheep. The Thief and the Robber are interested but only so far as it might suit their pleasure or profit. There is a wolf in the passage. He too is interested I the sheep but not their welfare only his own.
Point 2: The Shepherd cares. The Shepherd knows the sheep - by name and habit and need. The Shepherd speaks to the sheep and they know his voice and they follow him.
Point 3: This Shepherd  would give his life for the sheep in order that no harm might come to them. The Second picture of Him in the passage is that the Shepherd is the Door. That is when the Sheep are safe from all danger inside the fold, He (like the Judean shepherds) lies down in the door way. No danger will reach those that He counts dear.
Point 4: MY SHEEP are distinguished in v 14,26,27 They are known, they hear His voice, they follow Him, and they are eternally safe

See also: Jesus is the Jehovah of the Old Testament.

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