Sunday School Lesson 631 The Rich Man and Lazurus

Lesson: 631 Lesson Name: Rich Man & Lazurus
Theme: Judgment's Certainty

Reading: Luke 16:19-31

Memroy Verse: Luke 16:26
Memory Verse Text: Between us and you, there is a great gulf fixed.

Point 1: Two men in life - one rich & one poor - one privileged & one so desparate - one who did not listen to God & one who did. Men may have spoken in his life of how shrewd and wise he was to have such a fortune.
Point 2: Two men in death - Lazarus died - no surprize - we must all die - but it was a voice of warning to the rich man, and he paid no attention. Note - angels carried the real man to glory while the body perhaps went to the garbage dump - no burial mentioned. The rich man also died - likely with much attention, glowing words of eulogy and great pomp and ceremony.
Point 3: Two men in Eternity - one comforted & the other tormented. One blessed and rejoicing - the other in direst need and pain. Lazuras doesn't speak about need now because he has everything heart could long for but the rich man needs so much and has nothing even though he pleads for undeserved mercy.
Point 4: What made the difference. What they did with the Word of God. The rich man now realizes how important the WORD was but his response to it proves him to be a fool forever!

Notes: It is important for older classes to point out that this is not a parable. These were real men.

See also: Jewish Belief in the Afterlife.

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