Sunday School Lesson 630 The Lost Sons of Luke 15

Lesson: 630
Lesson Name: The Lost Son(s)
Theme: Sin's Depravity / World's Attraction / Sin Admitted

Reading: Luke 15:11-31

Memory Verse: Luke 15:18
Memory Verse Text: I have sinned against heaven and in thy sight.

Printable Activity:

Mini Book

An 8 page mini book that students can use to re-tell the parable of the Lost Son either in the Bible class or at home with their family.


Try this two page activity (and answers ) with several puzzles and activities to reinforce the story in the student's mind. Artwork by Brian W Chalmers


Act it out with a skit.

Here is a skit performed by some teens for the younger kids in the Sunday school.  A skit is fun to watch and makes the performers study the story in order to do a proper interpretation of the parable.



Skit - The Prodigal Son is Lost and Found again Part 1


Skit The Prodigal Son is Lost and Found again Part 2

Discussion Points:


Point 1: The "Father" is mentioned so frequently in this story (12x). It is clearly his heart that is revealed in the good things that take place. The prodigal(s) for there really are two prodigals. Their hearts are also revealed in the things that they do.
Point 2: The Prodigal takes his own selfish determined way with NOT ONE WORD of thanks or acknowledgement of all the good that the Father has provided him with all these years. *Note the eldest son is unthankful too v29. How sad that in all that time he never felt the joy of a grateful appreciation for all the Father's love.
Point 3: Gathering all - he leaves. Wasting all - he earns a bad conscience. Spending all - he feels his want. Considering all - he comes to himself and faces a momentous decision. Leaving all - he turns about. Admitting all - he finds out just how gracious and loving was his father's heart.
Point 4: There are those who rejoice with the Father. But the eldest son will never understand - his hear and his sin  is just as bad though he never left home.

Notes: You may want to take a second week with this story since oftentimes the problem of the class (if believer's children) is that they are self-righteous like the older brother feeling they have never done anything so bad.