Sunday School Lesson 628 The Lost Sheep and the Shepherd

Lesson: 628 Lesson Name: The Lost Sheep
Theme: Sinner's Need and Helplessness

Reading: Luke 15:7

Memory Verse: Luke 15:2
Memory Verse Text: This Man receiveth sinners.

Point 1: Sheep has wandered - that is it's nature. Sheep cannot clean themselves like a dog or other animal - they need a diligent Shepherd to watch for disease that can easily claim them. Sheep cannot find his way back - no sense of direction - always seems to take the wrong way - need the watchful Shepherd to bring them back. Sheep cannot protect themselves - need a strong deliverer for they are easy prey.
Point 2: 99 sheep are not enough for this Shepherd. While the story seems to be about Sheep - really it is about the Shepherd of the Sheep for without Him they cannot continue to exist.
Point 3: He goes after ONE. He cares, His movement and purpose show how much. He does not abandon any - not even one. Though this one may have strayed many times previously and is seeming hopeless - yet all are important to HIM.
Point 4: He goes so far. He does not stop. He will not stop until He finds it. When He does - He rejoices - it means so much that He calls others to rejoice with him as well. This "MY SHEEP".

Notes: Allow the children to use a little imagination with regard to the enemies of the Sheep (Wolf, Lion, Bear at least) if they were to find that sheep wandering without HIM.

Summary: Another note on the Shepherd's Care:

 Isa 40:11He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. - His gentleness - care - and tenderness are very evident.

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