Sunday School Lesson 627 The Cost of Discipleship

Lesson: 627 Lesson Name: The Cost of Discipleship
Theme: Consecration / Christ the Lord

Reading: Luke 14:25-35

Memory Verse: John 9:28
Memory Verse Text: Then they reviled him and said, THOU ART HIS DISCIPLE.

Point 1: It is the Lord who speaks of the Cost. He wants them to come to Him but also makes the multitude aware that it is not without cost. HATE = relative word meaning to love LESS**! Family claims.
Point 2: It is the Lord who says - that unless this is true - HE CANNOT be my disciple! Note - there were many types of disciples (John Baptist's, Pharisees etc all with their particular characteristics) but the Lord here reveals the characteristics of  'His' disciples.
Point 3: The standards are His to set, NOT ours to decide upon. The Cross v27 is not a disease or burden as some think, but a man who took up a cross, was only headed for one thing - eternity. And in that moment - only what he had (with eternity's value) had any worth. World and it's claims.
Point 4: Now he takes up the comforts and claims of things. The word is RENOUNCE - to turn the back on the claims those things would have on our time, energies and abilities and say "NO". Our only fit response then to Him is "YES, I will follow Thee"

Illustration: A lighbulb in the sunlight casts a shadow on the ground even when it is lit, not because the light is not on, but because the sun is so much brighter. In comparison, the love of all earthly things should be like hate in comparison to the love we have for the Master.

Notes: ** Mal. 1:2,3 "Jacob have I loved, Esau have I LOVED LESS"

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