Sunday School Lesson 620 The Rich Fool

Lesson: 620 Lesson Name: The Rich Fool
Theme: World's Attraction / Choices

Reading: Luke 12:13-21

Memory Verse: Luke 12:15
Memory Verse Text: A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

Point 1: God blessed and gave the increase in the harvest. God gave the man the intelligence and skills and strength he had. God gave him the persistence and abilities he had. But God got nothing from the man who had given him it all. Not even a mention. Not a single word of thanks. Not to mention a portion set aside for God which the Jew was required to do by the law of God.
Point 2: Here is blind reason without God ' reasoned within himself'. Like thought it all through well considering all the pros and cons - but the highest human wisdom cannot compare with the knowledge of God - see Isa. 55:8-10
Point 3: The decision is made to pull down and built up - how is this man different from the sinners in the days of Lot Luke 17:28-29? Not at all. They did what they did without thought of consequence or God. So did he. Romans 15:4
Point 4: GOD SAID - the final word. If making plans - beware - God always has full knowledge of the basis of your decision making and always has the Final Word. Always.

Illustration: Label several objects or weights with words such as "soul", "money", "girl friend", "car" etc.  Using a balance, discuss which of these items has greater value in comparison with the others. 

Notes: Note this incident and lesson is really about covetousness. Something that is growing more and more obvious each year in our day. Far too many decisions are being made on the basis of monetary gain only.

See also: Our Lord's Teaching About Money 

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