Sunday School Lesson 619 Reformation is not enough

Lesson: 619 Lesson Name: Reformation is Not Enough
Theme: Sin's Power: It Both Controls and Habits

Reading: Luke 11:14-26, Matthew12:43-45

Memory Verse: Luke 13:3
Memory Verse Text: Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

Point 1: When the Lord does a mighty miracle there are those who attribute it to the Devil. He shows the difference between the work of the Evil One and the Righteous One. Satan working against his own work is most unlikely foolishness.
Point 2: Using a fortress idea - he calls the Devil the Strong Man - but Himself the Stronger than he! - What a title for the Mighty One. He shows the folly of self reformation too - like a house swept and cleaned up - but with no defense against the evil onslaught of sinfulness and depravity.
Point 3: Notice - the UNCLEAN spirit gathers up others worse than himself. How like a man who has cleaned up his act - yet the very accomplishment brings pride and self will that are far more deadly. More people go to hell because of pride and self-will than because of murder and other vile sin that we would quickly condemn and eschew - yet we embrace the monsters of our depravity, feed them and give them a home within our lives.
Point 4: The sinner's only hope is to acknowledge his utter hopelessness and turn to God that the STRONGER THAN HE might altogether save and keep him.

Notes: Repent = to think differently - So since our thinking is wrong then differently means  rightly - and where will we get right thoughts about ourselves. From the word of God - "we are all as an unclean thing and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags"

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