Sunday School Lesson 618 Disciples are Taught to Pray

Lesson: 618 Lesson Name: Disciples Taught to Pray
Theme: Christ the Sympathizer: His Care and Compassion

Reading: Luke 11:1-13

Memory Verse: Luke 18:1
Memory Verse Text: Men ought always to pray.

Point 1: He was praying. His example alone ought to teach us that we need to pray. If He needed to pray as He met the difficulties of life on earth. Even more do we! Their request was Teach us TO PRAY not HOW TO pray.
Point 2: It should be pointed out (especially to older classes) that the disciples are Jewish and this is a prayer that the people of Israel will pray especially in the 7 year Tribulation period after the Lord Jesus returns. Also it was never intended to be a repetitive prayer such as is used in Churches etc. It is a model prayer that is - these are things that should concern us when we pray.
Point 3: First - Holiness ascribed to God. Then - A desire that HIS KINGDOM would come ON EARTH (Millenium - 1000 years. Following that - the request is for daily bread - importance of recognizing that God is the Great Provider and being thankful for food can be mentioned **. Forgiveness of sins likely a recognition of Israel's past rejection of Christ and the Word. Temptation* - the danger of being lured by their extremity into Idolatry by the Beast
Point 4: He then tells a parable to remind us of how willing and able  God is to meet our need. And the importance of continuing in prayer till we receive the answer we seek. It would be a very good idea right there and then to bow your head with the class and name them all praying specifically for them.

Notes: **but in particular this means that in tribulation times, those who would be faithful to God would be denied food etc because they would not take the mark of the Beast! *Note God leads no one into wickedness but often into trial that at times seem very evil - also in this case, it may even mean they would be brought to the attention of the Evil One.

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