Sunday School Lesson 617 Jesus at Bethany

Lesson: 617 Lesson Name: Jesus at Bethany
Theme: Christ the Sympathizer / Christ Revealed

Reading: Luke 10:38-42

Memory Verse: Isaiah 1:18
Memory Verse Text: Come now and let us reason together, saith the Lord.

Point 1: He wanted to come to their home. Martha wanted to have him there. What a wonderful thing. She received Him. Not only did she receive Him, but right into her house. How would the Lord feel if He came to your house? How would you feel?
Point 2: She made a supper - likely put on her very best - pulled out the best recipes she had - nothing was too good for Him. What about you and me, what do we think of Him? Has there ever been anything we've done just for Him?
Point 3: But look at Mary - she's at His feet. Why? That's where she wanted to be. Why? She wanted the best He had to give. Martha is upset cause Mary doesn't help with what she thought was important.
Point 4: She wanted the Lord to rebuke her but she was rebuked instead. Did He yell at Martha? No. Perhaps sadly He chides with her to consider what is best. There's room at His feet for you too.

Summary: What do we learn at His feet as we listen to Him? He'll tell us what is really important, He'll show us things that have real value, He'll reveal how much He loves us etc etc.

See also: The Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus.

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