Sunday School Lesson 616 The Good Samaritan

Lesson: 616
Lesson Name: The Good Samaritan
Theme: Love of God

Reading: Luke 10:25:37

Memory Verse: Luke10:33
Memory Verse Text: When he saw him, he had compassion on him.

Printable Activity: Mini story book . 8 pages to tell the story of the Good Samaritian.

 Coloring book Good Samaritian parable


Talking Points:

Point 1: Story is told to show the reality of love. Love is revealed by the things we do. Here's a man who could say 'No one cared for me like that Samaritan Stranger!'
Point 2: The man is on his way! He was on the way down. Which way are you going? His journey was taking him farther from the City of God, the City of Peace. Every single step was taking him further away.
Point 3: He joined up with others quite innocently*. They seemed okay to him or he never would have done it. Then, when opportunity came, they showed their true colours. They beat him, robbed him, and left him for dead. Many are the thieves of good conscience, morals, good intentions, time etc.
Point 4: Who made all the difference. Not the ones who should have cared. the priest who should have been there for God, the levite who boasted in the law and the privileges of God's people. It was the Kind Stranger who showed how much he cared by what he was willing to do! He had to do it all - the poor beaten man could do nothing at all.

Notes: * but had he been more aware, less self confident about his own discernment he might have been warned and saved himself this grief! Too many in the world are saying, I know what is good for me!

Summary: No doubt, visitors would come to the Inn where the poor man was recovering. Can't you see him straining to see if it was the MAN who now meant everything to him?

More: For more Biblical background to the story see also: The Firstfruits of the Gentiles