Sunday School Lesson 609 Jesus Heals a Deaf and Dumb Man

Lesson: 609 Lesson Name: Deaf and Dumb No More!
Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead / God's Power and Greatness

Reading: Mark 7:31-37 Matthew 15:29-31

Memory Verse: James 1:21
Memory Verse Text: Receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save your souls.

Point 1: Here the sinner is pictured as one who does not hear. "Hear and your soul shall live". Not only so, but he cannot speak rightly - another picture of the sinner who cannot give God the glory He deserves.
Point 2: He takes him aside. All alone with the Lord. He speaks a word - not unlike the words at creation "light be" here it is "open be" - the same results -omnipotent power knows no obstacle!
Point 3: He spake plain. What a picture of the sinner when he tells of the work of grace God has done in his soul. Once like Naaman, he thinks, but now he knows!
Point 4: The conclusion that the largely gentile (around the Sea of Galilee) multitude come to is the truth, "He has done all things well!" What has he done for you? Have you ever talked as plain as this man? Have you an ear to hear His voice?

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