Sunday School Lesson 604 John the Baptist is Beheaded

Lesson: 604 Lesson Name: John the Baptist's beheading
Theme: Christ the Judge

Reading: John 3:25-30   Mark 6:14-29  Luke 3:19-20 Luke 9:7-9 Matt. 14:1-12

Memory Verse: Romans 2:4
Memory Verse Text: Despisest thou the riches of His goodness and forbearance and longsuffering?

Point 1: John had made it clear that he was not the Christ. Yet what an honour to have ever been taken for Him! John had shown them the One who was the Way, the Lamb. John had condemned sin and stood for what was right. John had fulfilled his ministry. He had done what he could.
Point 2: John had boldly testified against Herod's sin. That sin is still wrong and still needs to be plainly spoken against *. He was known to be holy and true and Herod (conundrum!) liked to hear John in spite of his plain words that condemned him. Later in Lu9: he even desired to hear and see the Lord Jesus. Sometimes this is still true today. There are some who seem to be willing to go on hearing as long as they continue to do nothing about the Word they hear thus mocking God and not giving Him the respect He deserves.
Point 3: Herodias hated him. Waited - plotted - and with guile got her desire to shut up the man that spoke for God. The foolish king is caught by his own words and his weakness and sin is clear in this ultimate test of whether he was willing to do the right thing and honour God after all. "We ought to obey God rather than men!"
Point 4: The truth is Herod loved his sin and darkness rather than light. Note two things at the end of the story. His disciples came and took his body away to bury - does that mean it's over? No! they went and told Jesus! Is it over - no! Acts 17:30-31 that clear.

Notes: * While it needs to be plainly spoken against some of the children in the class may be the unwilling and innocent victims of it all. It behoves us to speak kindly and with consideration yet still plainly.

See also: Repentence, it's nature and importance.

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