Sunday School Lesson 603 What Jesus Said about John the Baptist

Lesson: 603 Lesson Name: What Jesus said about John the Baptist
Theme: Two ways

Reading: Matt. 11:2-19 Luke 7:18-35

Memory Verse: Matthew 22:42
Memory Verse Text: What think ye of Christ?

Point 1: John had heard the prophecy and had carried out his purpose as the forerunner but now in deep trial the questions or need for assurances arise Mt 11:3
Point 2: The Lord responds by naming the evidence (his miracles) that prove He is the One He claims to be. He also reminds him that it is possible to stumble. A lesson to believers of all ages that trials can cause us to slip from our assurance and hope and calling.
Point 3: He then examines the hearts of John's hearers as He powerfully questions their response to the Forerunner. He highly praises dear John for his faithfulness and reminds the people of how John was both chosen and sent with a message for THEM. Further examination shows that He knows their response to HIS OWN PERSON as well.
Point 4: Mat 11:19 is such a great reminder of the great truth that what men said in derision is wonderfully true to all those who will humble themselves at the counsel of God and believe His gracious offer of mercy. A Friend of publicans and sinners.

Notes: Two responses: The people JUSTIFIED God by the baptism of John while the Pharisees Lu 7:30 justified themselves and rejected the counsel of God.

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