Sunday School Lesson 601 Jesus Raises Jarius' Daughter from the Dead

Lesson: 601
Lesson Name: Jarius' Daughter
Theme: Christ the Lifegiver and Resurrection / Sinner is Dead

Reading: Mark 5:21-43  Matt. 9:18-26 Luke 8:40-56

Memory Verse: John 11:25
Memory Verse Text: I am the resurrection and the life.

Activity Idea: Power Point presentation on the raising of Jarius' daughter

Point 1: Many anxious to see Him. One man's need stands out above them all. Jairus, a teacher of the synagogue, has an only 12 year old daughter who is dying. He falls at His feet. "A broken and a contrite heart, thou wilt not despise"! Ps. 51:17 He wants Him to lay His blessed Hands upon her! O the joy Jairus must have felt when he thought the Lord would come and heal his daughter.
Point 2: **He sees a miracle along the way but not the one he wanted so badly. Bad news comes running. The daughter is dead. Jesus speaks to reassure him. Then tells him to fear not but just trust Him.
Point 3: When they came to house - all weep and wail greatly - Death is an awful thing, a dread reality - He speaks again and they scorn His Precious Words. He took her by the Hand - we have HIS TOUCH (Cf with the next lesson when we have her touch) here and He speaks again, "Maid, arise!"
Point 4: She arose and walked! He does not ask for fame or recognition - it is enough for Him to have brought it all about!

Notes: **The Next Lesson fits with this one. So while the readings cover both stories, remember that you may not want to give all the details along with this one. You may want to say, As he was going, another very interesting thing happened which we'll talk about next week.

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