Sunday School Lesson 531 Demons and the Gadarene in Chains

Lesson: 531 Lesson Name: Demons & the Gadarene
Theme: Sin's Power: It Both Controls and Habits

Reading: Mark 5:1-20  Matt. 8:28-34 Luke 8:26-39

Memory Verse: Romans 5:8
Memory Verse Text: God commendeth His love towards us.

Point 1: At the point where they came to land, there was a man waiting for Him. Because of the Demon within - he expresses no desire to be freed - even rather the opposite - Torment me not. His falling down before the Lord was not a self humbling but no Demon can withstand the Authority of the Son of Man.
Point 2: He seemed a hopeless case. The Lord would not leave him in the grip of such masters. In spite of all he was and all that he had done, the Lord loved him. Lots of evidence of others who had tried to control him. The Demon says he is Legion. Requested that the Demons are not sent into the Great Abyss.
Point 3: The Lord sent them into the swine. The WHOLE HERD rushed down a steep place into the sea. Lost money talks and the citizens and owners can only see the loss and not the gain. The distorted values of our day are no better and may well be worse.
Point 4: They were afraid. Should have been more afraid of the sinister powers of Evil. They asked Him to leave. And He did. Think about your attitude to Him and be careful how you treat Him. He might do what you want.

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