Sunday School Lesson 528 The Parable of the Sower and the Good Seed in the Kingdom of Heaven

Lesson: 528
Lesson Name: The Sower, the good seed and the four types of soil.

Summary: Jesus' parable of the sower, the good seed, the four soils is a message about how peopele receive the word of God. What happens to people who hear the gospel but do not bear fruit?

Theme: Earnest Seeker, but Hindered / Real Opportunity / Choices

Reading: Mark 4:3-25  Matthew 13:3-23  Luke 8:5-18

Memory Verse: Mark 4:9
Memory Verse Text: He that hath ears to hear - let him hear.

Attention Getter: The Devil doesn't want you to be saved!

Power Point Presentation: Pictures of the soil and a way to understand four different responses to the message of the gospel.  For a PDF version of this lesson, click here .

Parable of the Good Seed the Sower and the four soils

Try a 2 page worksheet with several puzzles about the parable of the sower.


Teaching Suggestions:

Point 1: The Sower - is identified in Matthew 13:37. The whole purpose of the Sower is to place the Seed in the soil. His work is good. His desire is precious.
Point 2: The Seed - is the Word of God Luke 8:11. The Seed is alive. It is good. It never becomes stale dated. It will do it's work. I has the power to produce the results.
Point 3: The Soils - are they that hear the Word Luke 8:12-15. Here is where the difficulty comes. The wayside hearer brings before us the problem of the birds - the Devil comes quickly with many attractions in place to snatch away the Seed. The Stony Ground Hearer tells us that there was enough soil and moisture to cause the Seed to germinate but not to thrive. How often we only want the Word to reach so far and no further. There was never going to be fruit. The Thorny Soil tells of cares - the difficulties - and riches - the pleasures. Opposites yet having the same effect. The Devil doesn't care what it is that keeps us from producing fruit to God's Glory. The Good Ground Hearer  - the sinner is not good in himself but an awakening and being plowed up by God can produce the right environment and lots of fruit.
Point 4: The Sermon - he that hath ears to hear, let him hear Mark 4:9.  O the simplicity of applying this lesson. Will we be good ground hearers even in this right now?

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Keywords: Parable Sower Seed Soil Ground Wayside Thorns Falling Away Cares of the this world Fruit