Sunday School Lesson 527 A Sinful Woman Washes Jesus' Feet

Lesson: 527 Lesson Name: The Sinful Woman
Theme: Debt Paid / Sin Found Out / Detected

Reading: Luke 7:36-50

Memory Verse: Luke 7:48
Memory Verse Text: He said unto her, "Thy sins are forgiven."

Point 1: One of the Pharisees - usually proud of their compliance with the outward form of the law. Loved to be seen and recognized as devoted to God's law. Invited the Lord to his home. In the midst of the meal, an uninvited woman turns up. She is well known. She is a sinner - and the word used describe exactly what kind of sinner she was.
Point 2: Amidst the inward groan from Simon's heart, she comes to the feet of the Lord. She weeps and washes them, drying them again with her long hair. To all of this it appears that the Lord is silent and for all we know, does not even look at her.
Point 3: The Lord knows what Simon thinks in his heart. Simon forgot something in his silent accusation - the Lord not only knew what kind of a sinner she was, He knew what Simon was. The Lord speaks to Simon about the woman. Likely those words fell on her ears in wonder! O can it be?
Point 4: The Lord then speaks directly to the woman. He wanted her to know firsthand. Sins forgiven - Saved - Peace. O the blessedness of it all. How did she know? She had his unfaltering word.

Notes: This passage in a chronological bible arrangement seems to fall after the words of Matthew 11:28 - perhaps she stood at the back of the crowd when the words were spoken and that is why she came! There is no clear reason to believe that this is Mary Magdalene.

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