Sunday School Lesson 521 Jesus Heals a Withered Hand on the Sabbath

Lesson: 521 Lesson Name: Sabbath Controversy - Withered Hand
Theme: Christ the Sympathizer: His Care and Compassion

Reading: Mark 3:1-6  Matt. 12:9-15  Luke 6:6-11

Memory Verse: Matthew 12:18
Memory Verse Text: Behold My Servant whom I have chosen.

Point 1: The authorities watch Him with malice and intent! Knowing it, and seeing a man with a withered hand. He brings Him forth as an example. He was really a picture of the Jewish People (as are many of these healing miracles) who had no power to please God. Their hand was withered and could not do anything to please God in their own efforts.
Point 2: Is it lawful? - they ask. He puts His finger on their own hearts and wallets as He uses the example of a sheep in distress. They would have delivered their own sheep because it was important to them - He was going to deliver a man who was of infinite importance to Him.
Point 3: Again a Word of Power - Stretch forth - it was made whole like his other. Now not only could the man feel good about himself but able to be useful as well. He shuts the accusers mouths with the truth of God and a work they cannot deny!
Point 4: Now the Pharisees are resolved to destroy Him. Notice he withdrew himself from these religious bigots. Beware lest your attitude towards Him causes Him to draw back from you. He did however make Himself available to every seeker Matt. 12:15. What wondrous love and mercy!

See also: Religious Liberty

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