Sunday School Lesson 520 Jesus Picks Heads of Wheat on the Sabbath

Lesson: 520 Lesson Name: Sabbath Controversy - The Corn
Theme: Christ Revealed / Law's Lack of Power to Control

Reading: Mark 2:23-28  Matt. 12:1-8  Luke 6:1-5

Memory Verse: Matthew 12:7
Memory Verse Text: I will have mercy and not sacrifice.

Point 1: In their hunger the Disciples plucked some heads of wheat to eat as they went. How diligent and observant the accusers were! "They watched HIM" and when they found nothing wrong in Him they accuse those who associated with Him.
Point 2: The *Pharisees call it to His attention. His response is right from the Word of God. His message was clear - the sabbath was made for man not the other way around as they were construing it. How easy it is for us to get the cart before the horse also. Nothing works that way!
Point 3: Note His CLAIM - in this place is One greater than the Temple (Matt. 12:6). So very true, but what a stinging comment to those who had put the Temple on a higher level in their thinking than the ONE who dwelt in the Midst of His People.
Point 4: Notice - He is most conscious of His Authority as evidenced in the Title of The Son of Man. He was the anointed and sent One - with authority over man and all else.

Notes: *Pharisees had started out as a devout group intending to call the Nation back to God but had degenerated to being ultra legal in their observance of Jewish laws (often times of their own contrivance) and had drifted far from God in heart. Nb. See Matthew 15:8

See also: The Leaven of the Pharisees.

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