Sunday School Lesson 519 Jesus Heals a Sick Man on the Sabbath

Lesson: 519
Lesson Name: Sabbath Controversy - The Sick Man
Theme: Christ the Lord / Christ Revealed

Reading: John 5:1-47

Memory Verse: John 5:39
Memory Verse Text: Search the Scriptures; they are they which testify of ME!


This worksheet will help you compare the healing of a lame man with the salvation of the soul. 

Talking Points:

Point 1: A feast of the Jews. In Jerusalem the first mention of anything is a man who is sick & helpless! The people there believed that an angel troubled the pool and when that happened - the first one into the water was made whole of whatever disease he had.
Point 2: This man was perhaps the worst case of them all. 38 years he had had this infirmity. He'd laid there a long time hoping to be cured. "Jesus saw him" - what a statement! Jesus spoke "Wilt thou..?" He confesses that he has no man to help. Here were words so full of meaning to the One who had said he would be father to the fatherless and help to the helpless.
Point 3: Jesus speaks a Word of Power. "Rise up" The Word is not a mere Word that ceases to sound the moment it is uttered but carries with it omnipotent result producing power and the powerless one now walks! As he carries his bedroll, he is accused of breaking the Sabbath, by poor blind critics that cannot see the miracle! He later identifies Jesus as the One who had so blessed Him.
Point 4: Persecution arose and they claimed he was in the habit of doing these things on the Sabbath day. They wanted to kill Him for this alone. Then He uses the occasion to reveal that the things He does it is because this is what His Father is working for and now they want to kill Him because of this claim as well.

Notes: Jewish Feasts were intended by God to be Holy Gatherings. Probably best to remind the children that the Sabbath was a Jewish Day. It is the last day of the week (Saturday) not Sunday which is the Lord's day or Sunday. The commandment about the Sabbath is the only commandment the Lord did not quote while here on earth.