Sunday School Lesson 516 Jesus Heals a Leper

Lesson: 516
Lesson Name: The Leper is Cleansed
Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead / Sin's Defilement

Reading: Mark 1:40-45; Matt. 8:2-4; Luke 5:12-16

Memory Verse: Luke 5:12
Memory Verse Text: Lord if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.

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 Discussion Points:

Point 1: Leper - full of leprosy - leprosy at it's worst. Everyone would now know it. At first it may have been easily hidden, a mere rising in the skin (like a pimple perhaps) but now he is made to know the awfulness of his state. There is significance too in the fact that he is a leper (Matt 8:2) - the problem is not just what he has but what he is! Like the sinner.
Point 2: Lord, if thou wilt - his faith was simple and plain. For another to stretch out his hand would have defiled him but the Lord touches him with a healing hand that can never be defiled.
Point 3: The leper seemed to doubt the Lord's willingness not His ability, but the Lord quickly banishes that notion "I will, BE thou CLEAN" Same sort of language that brought light into being in the creation, "Light BE!" Here it is no more difficult for Him to bansh defilement "Clean BE!"
Point 4: The Leper was counselled to go to the priest and offer a sacrifice for his cleansing. A sacrifice that had been rarely seen. It was for a testimony to them that sin had reigned so long amongst them unchecked. The One who could heal their diseases had left them alone in their folly.

Notes: Leprosy is often thought of as causing parts of the body to fall off. This is not so. Leprosy deadens nerves, both motor and sensory. Loss of the sense of pain often caused a leper to be burned or cut and with no accompanying pain often permanent damage was done. There is many more lessons that could be applied in the gospel with a little research of your own.

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