Sunday School Lesson 510 Jesus Visits a Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well

Lesson: 510
Lesson Name: The Samaritan Woman
Theme: Sinner's Need and Helplessness / World's Attraction

Bible Reading: John 4:1-42 Matt. 4:12

Memory Verse: John 4:39
Memory Verse Text: He told me all that ever I did.

Lesson Activity

Printable 3D paper Jacob's well.

sunday-school-activity-510-Jesus Visits a Samaritan Woman at Jacobs Well

Lesson Content

Point 1: MUST NEEDS v4 - shows how important this one person was to Him. "Weary" The way He had to come was hard. Not the way others would have chosen. Thank God He was not like the others!
Point 2: Notice - He was waiting for her to come to well. He knew she would. He knew when. He knew what thoughts she had beforetime and in spite of her sin - He loved her. She marvelled that He would speak to her v9 - the disciples marvelled that He spoke to her v27. Imagine the day to come when she thought on it all again - it truly was a marvellous thing.
Point 3: He is the One who starts the conversation. He interferes in the lives of men. He is the Lord and knows how to deal with His creature and how to reach the heart. He uses ordinary things to catch her interest.
Point 4: O the wonder of the moment - when He said "I. am HE!" Others were reached by her words - she brought them to Him. He met their need as well. He is still the Same!

Notes: Note His skill at using the right kind of thing to initiate a conversation. The Teacher needs to pray that the Lord will give them that touch.

Additional Biblical Background 

Online article at : How Jesus presented the gospel to a woman who didn't know what she wanted.

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