Sunday School Lesson 508 Jesus Cleanses the Temple at the Passover

Lesson: 508 Lesson Name: Passover & the First Cleansing
Theme: Christ the Lord / Sin's Defilement

Reading: John 2:13-25

Memory Verse: John 2:25
Memory Verse Text: He knew what was in man.

Attention Getter: In the last lesson, when the Lord Jesus was in someone elses house, he acted as a guest ought to. But here he is in HIS OWN house and acts accordingly.

Point 1: The Lord goes up to Jerusalem at the Pasover (always as a man keeping the law). One look and He could see what was wrong!
Point 2: He remembered what they forgot - it was His Father's House! Men cannot do what they like and get away with it. There are things that do not belong in His house and what is done there reflects on HIM. It is important to give God the respect that He deserves.
Point 3: Destroy this temple - speaking of His body! Yet three years would pass before His death. They spoke of the temple that they gloried in. It was still being built and wouldn't be complete till AD63 and would be torn down totally by Titus in AD66.
Point 4: His actions reminded the disciples of the Word of God vss17,22. What a thought for us to apply to ourselves! Note: He not only saw what was wrong in the temple but He sees what is wrong in us. John 2:25

Notes: Passovers In His Public Ministry #1 John 2:13,23  #2 John 6:4  #3 John 11:55, 12:1, 13:1, 18:28,39, 19:14

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