Sunday School Lesson 505 John the Baptist Baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River

Lesson: 505
Lesson Name: The Forerunner & the Baptism of Jesus
Theme: Christ the Saviour

Reading: Luke 1:57-80 Mark 1:1-13 Matt. 3:1-4, 11  Luke 3:1-4, 13  John 1:19-34

Memory Verse: John 10:41
Memory Verse Text: All things that John spake of this man were true.

Point 1: John was clearly sent of God. His work and message were prophesied ahead of time by Malachi and Isaiah.
Point 2: His birth was a miracle. His life was simple. His message was plain He sought no glory for himself. He saw results to his preaching. His testimony was given by the Lord Jesus Himself.
Point 3: He spoke plain words about sin. He baptized many who confessed their sin and the sins of the nation to prepare them for the coming One. His greatest honour came when the Lord Himself came to be baptized at Jordan. Though he resisted at first, he bowed to His Lord's will and did as He had bidden him.
Point 4: He saw the Spirit of the Lord rest upon the One he served. And heard a voice from heaven.

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