Sunday School Lesson 431 Joshua and the Angel of the Lord

Lesson: 431 Lesson Name: Joshua & the Angel of the Lord
Theme: God's Provision - Its Fullness / Sin's Defilement

Reading: Zechariah 3:1-10

Memory Verse: Isaiah 64:6
Memory Verse Text: All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.

Point 1: Things that can't be seen with our eyes are shown us here by the Lord.  The representative of God's people was standing before the Angel of the Lord. His garments are filthy. There to accuse him is Satan, the great Adversary.
Point 2: Satan is rebuked for his schemes and plots against the Lord's own. God shows that he already knows that the only hope for His people is like a brand plucked out of the fire. It is the Lord's next work to take away the filthiness of his garments and the Lord Himself provides a change of raiment!
Point 3: The Angel of the Lord stood by to see that it was all done according to His plan. It took the Lord's work to bring about this change and He Himself sees to it that it is done to His satisfaction.
Point 4: Now, he is introduced to God's Servant, the Branch. He is God's eternal solution to take away the pollution of our sin and satisfy the heart of God who has made us His own. This also pictures the desired change God had in mind for Israel through the work of John the Baptist in preparation for the "One who coming after me is preferred before me: John 1.27

Notes: This is a picture of the change from self righteousness to the righteousness of God in preparation for the welcome of the Lord Jesus (pictured here as The Branch)

See also: The Old Testament Work of Christ.

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