Sunday School Lesson 410 Four lepers outside the city wall of Samaria

Lesson: 410
Lesson Name: The Liberation of  Samaria
Theme: Salvation - Provision For All

Reading: 2 Kings 6:24-33 7:1-20

Memory Verse: Isaiah 55:1
Memory Verse Text: He that hath no money, come ye, buy and eat.

Attention Getter: Most things - if they sound too good to be true.. They probably are because someone is trying to fool you.  However, does God make promises that are too good to be true?

Printable Craft: 3d model of the four lepers of Samaria to tell the story of the siege of Samaria and the four lepers. This PDF file and many others can be found in the Free Downloads section.

Four Lepers of Samaria Sunday School Lesson

Bible Story Summary:

Point 1: Samaria was beseiged and therefore, the famine was great in the city.  (Give some details from 6:25 and add some comparison of today's prices, etc. that children can relate to.) The danger was also great since there was no way to get more food. Time was running out and horrible atrocities were taking place due to their desperation.
Point 2: There came a word from God- a promise from the One who could meet the need.  It was mocked at by a man in high position - the king.  It happens often today as well.
Point 3: Four lepers were destitute and desperate at the gate, having not been allowed inside the city.  All hope was gone but they determined to give themselves up to the enemy rather than starve where they were. God used them to discover what He had done and then tell others. The battle was fought, the victory was won - all they had to do was enter into it by grace.
Point 4: They are used to pass on the good news. So God uses the saved ones today to do the same and the result is that many are blessed but some who refuse to recognize God's provision die without it.


For historical and Biblical background also see: Old Testament History - Siege of Samaria by the Syrians