Sunday School Lesson 408 Elisha and the Widows Endless Pot of Oil

Lesson: 408 Lesson Name: Elisha and the Widow's Oil
Theme: God's Provision - Its Fullness

Reading: II Kings 4:1-7

Memory Verse: Acts 4:12
Memory Verse Text: We must be saved.

Point 1: One of the widows called out to Elisha. Her husband was dead and had left a debt behind.  This meant that her two sons would be taken as slaves to pay the debt.
Point 2: There was a great need and it seemed so hopeless.  Elisha asked what  she had and what it was that she wanted.  She replied that she had nothing but a little cruse of oil.
Point 3: Instructions were given to borrow vessels from all her neighbors. A miracle took place and all the vessels were filled.  She went to Elisha for direction and then went and sold the oil to pay her debt. O the fullness of the provision.
Point 4: Notice - there is not just enough to pay the debt but more.  Elisha said "live thou and thy children of the rest".  We can safely assume that this provision met not only the present need but also all her need as long as she had the responsibility of raising those boys.

Notes: We have a wonderful God. The fullness of this provision is just like Him and what He has done in our salvation, providing not only payment for sin but also imparting all we need till travelling days are done.

See also: Old Testament History - 5.15 - Elijah, Cherith, Widow, Ahab

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