Sunday School Lesson 407 Elisha Raises the Shunammite Widow's Son from the Dead

Lesson: 407 Lesson Name: Elisha and the Shunammite's Son
Theme: The New Birth / Christ the Lifegiver & Resurrection

Reading: II Kings 4:8-37

Memory Verse: Romans 6:23
Memory Verse Text: The gift of God is eternal life.

Point 1: At Shunem, Elisha made the acquaintance of a great woman.  He was welcomed there where she had a special place for him any time he was passing through that area. She had no child. Elisha asked, "What shall be done for thee?"  She seemed content but the longing of her heart was for a child.
Point 2: Elisha told her that she would have a child.  This came to pass and a son was born.  Years passed and the child grew and was out in the busy harvest fields, working with his father.  He had a bad headache and was taken to his mother, where he died.
Point 3: She went to the man of God, who sent Gehazi first to help her.  He concluded the child was dead. Elisha however came and went in.  A great miracle took place as the child revived and was restored to his mother.
Point 4: She came in and fell at Elisha's feet. Sometimes we see a great miracle like this when a soul is saved who was dead and is alive again.  May we never become accustomed to it, but instead, fall at His feet in genuine humility.

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