Sunday School Lesson 405 Elijah Defeats the Prophets of Baal with a sacrifice on mount Carmel

Lesson: 405 Lesson Name: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
Theme: Two ways

Reading: 2 Kings 18:1-46

Memory Verse: I Kings 18:21
Memory Verse Text: How long halt ye between two opinions?

Talking Points

Point 1: After three years, God sent Elijah to King Ahab, who hated him.  At the time, there was still a bad famine in the land, so King Ahab sent Obadiah out to find grazing land for his animals.  When Elijah met Obadiah, he told him to tell the king that Elijah was coming to see him.
Point 2: When they finally met, King Ahab blamed Elijah for bringing trouble to Israel because he was not willing to face up to the fact of his own sin and its consequences.  Elijah told him to gather all the prophets of the false god, Baal, at Mount Carmel; there he would challenge the people to choose either God or Baal.
Point 3: The contest was set up; Baal's 450 prophets built an altar, set up a sacrifice, prayed, and afflicted themselves, hoping that fire would fall upon the sacrifice.  Elijah mocked Baal's prophets all day long as they pled with a god who could not hear nor answer them.
Point 4: Elijah's turn was next; he repaired the altar of the Lord, put the sacrifice upon it, and then had the people pour water over it all so that even the trench all around the altar was full.  When Elijah called on the Lord, fire fell from Heaven and consumed the sacrifice; it even dried up the water in the trench!  After seeing that "the Lord, he is the God," the people brought all of Baal's prophets to Elijah to be killed; once they were dead, refreshing rain began to fall (1 Kings 18:39).


Sunday School Lesson Activity 404 Puzzle for ElijahSunday School Lesson Activity 404 Puzzle for Elijah

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12 piece puzzle review game about the miracles and events in the life of Elijah the prophet.  Students arrange the pieces of the puzzle using clues written on the sides of the pieces to form a rectangle.  Use the clues in this puzzle or make your own.