Sunday School Lesson 230 Joshua, the successor of Moses

Lesson: 230

Lesson Name: The Successor of Moses
Theme: God's Faithfulness

Reading: Numbers 27:15-23; Deuteronomy 34:9-12; Joshua 1:1-9

Memory Verse: Joshua 1:5
Memory Verse Text: I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

Talking Points

Point 1: The LORD spoke to Joshua; hearing the Lord's voice is a necessary element if someone is going to be of any help to the Lord's people.  God did not say, "Moses is dead," but rather, "Moses my servant" (Joshua 1:2).  Application: This is a great reminder of what all true leaders must be, servants of God.
Point 2: Rather than letting them be overcome with the loss of their leader Moses, God's Word called the children of Israel to action; "Go over this Jordan" (Joshua 1:2).  In addition, God's intentions remained the same for His people and He reiterated the promises He had made before.  Joshua was reminded of God's power that would make it happen (Joshua 1:5).
Point 3: A call went out for courage of heart.  It took/takes courage to obey God and go on.  "Be not afraid!"... Something which is sometimes easier said than done.
Point 4: God's important counsel to Joshua should be noted: 1) Do all, 2) Turn not from it, 3) Take the Book of the Law with you always, and 4) Meditate, it is critical for a leader (Joshua 1:7,8).

Notes: Perhaps it would be a good to involve the class by having the students suggest a person they know who had courage.  In addition, they can tell of some Bible character that showed courage.  For example: Samuel meeting Saul, Daniel in the lion's den, David and the lion, etc.


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