Sunday School Lesson 130 Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers

Lesson: 130 Lesson Name: Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers
Theme: Christ Revealed

Reading: Genesis 44; Genesis 45:1-8

Memory Verse: Acts 7:13
Memory Verse Text: Joseph was made known unto his brethren.

Point 1: Joseph's brothers were unsettled when they found the money in their sacks the first time, and now, they were accused of stealing Joseph's silver cup.  He had specified that the cup should be hidden in Benjamin's sack.
Point 2: Before the knew what the search would produce, they promised that if the silver cup was found, the man in whose sack it was found would die, and that, the others brothers would become Joseph's slaves (Gen. 44:9).  Note that when the cup was found, the brothers went to Joseph and fell before him (Gen. 44:14) and they brought their guilt before God into the situation (Gen. 44:16).
Point 3: Joseph did all this to see if his brothers had learned from their earlier mistakes.  Judah now not only took the place of a servant before Joseph (Gen. 44:18), but he also volunteered to be a substitute for Benjamin for fear his father would die!  Judah hadn't cared about his father's thoughts before.
Point 4: Joseph couldn't refrain himself or wait any longer.  He sent everyone away in order to be alone with his brothers, who became terrified.  Once alone, Joseph revealed himself, drew them near, and explained their situation in relation to the Divine Will of God (Gen. 45:5,7,8).  God had allowed it all to happen for good!

Notes: The point at which Joseph couldn't refrain himself is a reminder of our Lord's desire to have all distance and doubt removed in order that we might be with Him.

See also: Old Testament 1.21 - Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

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