Sunday School Lesson 129 Joseph takes his brothers to his house

Lesson: 129 Lesson Name: Joseph Takes His Brothers to His House
Theme: Grace: God's Undeserved Favor

Reading: Genesis 43

Memory Verse: Romans 2:4
Memory Verse Text: The goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance.

Point 1: The famine remained hard; God allowed the seven years of severe famine in order to bring reconciliation between Joseph and his family.  How important this reconciliation was to God.  Think of what God has done to bring about reconciliation for us.
Point 2: Benjamin had to go, but Judah had to be willing to bear the blame before Jacob let him go.  God must have been working because this was a very different attitude than Judah used to have.  The brothers were to take a present (act of homage) for "the man on the throne" in order to try and ensure that nothing happened to Benjamin.
Point 3: Joseph was moved when he saw his younger brother and prepared a meal for them all.  The brothers had expected that he would try to seek occasion against them.  At the meal, Joseph had one more test for them, he gave Benjamin five times as much food as any of the other brothers, the portion that rightfully belonged to the eldest.
Point 4: Note: 1) The brothers bowed themselves (Gen. 43:26, 28); 2) Joseph brought God into his dealings with them (Gen. 43:23, 29).

See also: Old Testament 1.21 - Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

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