Sunday School Lesson 124 Joseph's Brothers Plan His Death

Lesson: 124

Lesson Name: Joseph's Brothers Plot His Death
Theme: Sin's Foolishness and Carelessness

Reading: Genesis 37:12-36

Memory Verse: Proverbs 11:21
Memory Verse Text: The wicked shall not be unpunished.

Talking Points:

Point 1: Joseph went to the flocks in Shechem in order to do his father's will and to seek the good of his brothers.
Point 2: His brothers mocked him as the "Dreamer" and determined to kill him.  Reuben tried to save Joseph from death, but he was thrown into a pit before he could.  The brothers' intent was likely to let him die there.
Point 3: God sent a band of strangers (Midianites) to serve His purpose and save Joseph's life.  The brothers outsmarted themselves by selling him and thinking that they will never see him again.  "Tune in later for the rest of the story!"  God was not done with those brothers yet.
Point 4: The brothers deceived their father into thinking that a wild beast had devoured Joseph, so Jacob is sure that he will never see his  son again.  Application: No matter how sure you may be that you've got all the angles covered, remember that God is going to bring all to the light.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph Mini Story BookSunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph Mini Story Book

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Mini coloring book and full-page pictures of the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis.  21 pictures.  Use the small picture books as a take-home activity for students.  Use the larger pictures for telling the story or for hanging on the bulletin board.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph's DreamsSunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph's Dreams

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This is a printable activity for a Sunday school class.  Print two sheets on paper or card stock, cut out the circular wheels and the viewing window, attach the two pieces together in the center and see Joseph's dreams float past him as you turn the back wheel.  Review the dreams in Joseph's life or have the students tell you the Joseph story based on the important dreams he had as well as the dreams of others.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 123 Puzzle of JosephSunday School Lesson Activity 123 Puzzle of Joseph

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Review puzzle for the story of Joseph and his betrayal by his brothers.  Students must assembly a group of puzzle pieces with clues written on their sides.  Use the questions and answers included in this puzzle or create your own.