Sunday School Lesson 907 Inductive and Deductive Bible Study

LESSON 7: 2 KINDS OF BIBLE STUDIES Inductive and Deductive Bible Study

Sunday school lesson by Karen Cox

Verse Center: 1 Corinthians 2:13 Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches (th) , but which the Holy Ghost teaches (th), comparing spiritual things with spiritual. (Microsoft word wouldn’t spell it with th)

Review Center: (Same game as previous lesson) Make a new game: Each student has 1 piece of paper (8 ½ x 11) . Each places 20 stickers in a circle around edge of each page so that a full circle is made. Label one of the stickers “first”. Have students write “My word shall not return void” in center” of each page. It will be the “stopping/finish place”. Use buttons/stones for markers . Make “number cards”; - 2 ½ x 3 cards with numbers 1,2,&3 - on them one set/student, shuffle them. (Dice can be used). Cut 14 -2 ½ x 3” cards in half to make 28- 1 ¼ x 3” cards. Write the following words on them: It claims to be, fearful fearless, unified 40- 1600, fit’s the facts, prophecies fulfilled, good reputation, 3500 year survival, inspiration, preservation, salvation, learning, avoiding sin, comfort, hope, profiting, success, lamp, light, milk, sword, meat, seed, silver, mirror, honey, gold, water, fire.

Directions for playing the game: Oldest student starts first, chooses a number card and a word card. Student must give an explanation of what the words mean before moving his marker off the first sticker the number of spaces designated on the card. Teacher can ok the explanations given if there’s a question. This is a review of the last 4 lessons. The student that reaches the center verse as last spot wins. Plastic pages can be put over each game board.

Visual Aids: Make a large version of the art project of two 9 x 12 pieces of construction paper and 2 pumpkins for the fronts. Lift pumpkins to see the information inside.

Aims: Older students will memorize what inductive and deductive studies are. Older students will memorize the whole verse.


Definitions of:

INDUCTIVE STUDY: Going through the Bible sequentially in order (or through a book) discovering what it has to say along the way.

DEDUCTIVE STUDY: Studying a topic or subject and comparing all the verses on that subject.

When one chooses a book or subject of the Bible to study he/she will be choosing one of these methods.

Inductive goes through a book of the Bible at a time. It helps to keep the context- all the verses around it in mind better. It is good to do some reading of what is the background of the book before starting. Read and study it as fast or slow as you want. The next lesson will tell you how to do an in-depth study of a book or chapter or verse.

When you have a question about what God thinks on a subject, then you’ll want to do a Deductive Bible study. You start with a subject, look up all the reference verses on that subject using a Concordance like Strong’s, write out or print out all the verses on that subject and study them as a whole, comparing them with each other. Bible lists book helps to find related verses also.

When doing both types of studies you use the other one also.

Materials for art: 1 white construction paper, orange construction paper, pen, scissors. Cbc pattern for pumpkins.

Directions for Art Project: Fold lengthwise the white construction paper. Cut out 2 pumpkins to fit the half page. Cut a slit up the front edge of the white in half, in center. Glue the pumpkins on the front, one on each half. Write “Inductive Study” on the left pumpkin and “Deductive Study” on the right one. Open up to the inside and write the definitions from above under each pumpkin.