Sunday School Lesson 908 Total Mention, Interpret Literally, Context - TLCs of Bible Study


Sunday school lesson by Karen Cox

Verse Center: Acts 20:27; For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.

Review Center: Use game from lesson 5

Each student has 1 piece of paper (8 ½ x 11) . Each places 20 stickers in a circle around edge of each page so that a full circle is made. Label one of the stickers “first”. Have students write “My word shall not return void” in center” of each page. It will be the “stopping/finish place”. Use buttons/stones for markers . Make “number cards”; - 2 ½ x 3 cards with numbers 1,2,&3 - on them one set/student, shuffle them. (Dice can be used). Cut 14 -2 ½ x 3” cards in half to make 28- 1 ¼ x 3” cards. Write the following words on them: It claims to be, fearful fearless, unified 40- 1600, fit’s the facts, prophecies fulfilled, good reputation, 3500 year survival, inspiration, preservation, salvation, learning, avoiding sin, comfort, hope, profiting, success, lamp, light, milk, sword, meat, seed, silver, mirror, honey, gold, water, fire.

Directions for playing the game: Oldest student starts first, chooses a number card and a word card. Student must give an explanation of what the words mean before moving his marker off the first sticker the number of spaces designated on the card. Teacher can ok the explanations given if there’s a question. This is a review of the last 4 lessons. The student that reaches the center verse as last spot wins. Plastic pages can be put over each game board.

Visual Aids: Make a large scale key as in the art project.

Aims: The older students should be able to recite the 3 keys to understanding the Bible. Older students should be able to quote the verse.





How to Interpret the Bible with TLC
1. T- Total Mention: Look up cross references in topical books concordances and margins in Bibles to find other verses about the subject, compare scripture with scripture through out the whole Bible. We need to do this to find out how God feels about any one subject.
2. L - Literal Meaning
: Take it literally for what the words mean , unless otherwise stated. If it uses words like "figure, like, as , parable, which are" - that would indicate symbolism or the fact that the word refers to something else. Parables are examples of this, they are an earthly story with a heavenly, spiritual meaning.
3. C- Context: Check the verses around the verse, before and after; the chapter, and the whole book. Evaluate the verse in light of whole Bible's message. Decide who , what, where, when, why and how. Look up information about the book, who was the author, what group of people was it written to originally, when was it written, what questions was it trying to answer, what else happened in the book? It is important to rightly divide the word of truth as II Tim 2:15 says. However it’s all written for our learning.

Materials for Art: Make a cbc of the key pattern and key hole pattern. Need Pen, scissors, glitter if desired, yellow construction paper and a contrasting color for key hole.

Art Project directions: Cut the “key” out of yellow paper from pattern and cut the key hole out of contrasting color. Glue the key-hole in center of top of key. Can place glue on key-hole and sprinkle glitter on it, shake off excess glitter and put back in its jar. Write in a circle around the key-hole “Keys to understanding the Bible”. Write a T first on straight part of key, then “Total Mention”, then L, then Take it literally, Then C, then Context.