Sunday School Lesson 909 Twelve Steps to a Bible Study


Sunday school lesson by Karen Cox

Verse Center: Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with all readiness of mind , and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Review Center: Make a new game “Wrap Ups“: Directions: Cut card stock up into 8 ½ x 3 2/3 “ sizes. On top left side half write “Acts 20:27, one inch under that write; I Cor 2:14, 1”under that write; C…II Tim 2:15... Acts 17:11... T….I Cor 2:13... L to the bottom. On the right side write on top (1“ under each write next one) : total mention, whole counsel, searched, literally, natural man, comparing, context, & study. Staple a 2 foot (’) long piece of heavy string or yarn to the top of the cardstock near where it says Acts 20:27. With a paper punch or scissors make a notch on the right side of the card near each word, for 8 notches. On left side make 7 notches near the verse references on the edge, starting with I Cor 2:14. Wrap the yarn around the card stock matching the reference to the word it represents. Look up each reference to get it right this first time. Turn the card over and mark lines where the yarn is with a pen- this is a self correcting check for the next time you try to match them. Take the yarn off and try to match them up again without checking the back. Check the back when you’re all done. This helps to memorize 2 related items.

Visual Aids: Write the 12 steps below on 6 cardstock pieces or chalk board. Use backing to clip these pieces to.

Aims: The older students should know the first 4 steps in order for this lesson. More review and actually doing a Bible study together will help them memorize the last 8 steps. The students should be able to recite at least the underlined portion of the verse above.

Lesson: Go over the steps and how to do them. Have students use lined paper to write out the answers to 3-12 for a passage of scripture you choose, choose 3-4 verses. Use colored pencils or pens to mark your Bible. Good to buy a Giant Print 10.00 Bible at dollar stores so you feel free to do this.

12 Steps to a Bible Study
1. Read the passage you've chosen
2. Reread it with context (whole chapter)
3. Mark who, when, where, what , why, how.
4. Define words, check Bible usage of English, Greek/Hebrew words. Use Strong's Concordance, front and back. (available on line, with ON LINE BIBLE)
5. Underline doctrines in passage, like God, Jesus, Salvation, hell, heaven, an attribute of God etc.
6. Check cross references- verses that are related to this subject. (They’re in margins or use search with ON -LINE BIBLE
7. Diagram hard sentences. An English handbook will explain how to do this.
8. Outline the passage, Use I. A. 1. 2. B. 1. 2 indented format etc (High school English course will explain how to do this- Or online)
9. Is there a command to obey, a promise to me, an example to follow? Write it out.
10. What does the passage tell me about: God, others, or myself?
11. What does this tell me about my relationship with God?
12. Apply this to your life, How do you plan to obey it?

Materials for Art Project: Master page - one for each student. Colored construction paper 1/3“ wide for decorating edges, fall colors, fall stickers or tiny pictures like leaves, pumpkins etc. Another white paper 8 ½ x 11. Ruler. Glue, pen.

Directions for Art Project: With printed page fold back under first 4 steps- 1 ½” from bottom of page. Keep it straight. Fold forward exactly 2” above the first fold, above # 1-4. Exactly 1 ½ “ above this fold it back. Exactly 2” above this fold it forward- above #5-8. Exactly 1 ½ “ above this fold it forward. Exactly 2” above this fold it back -above # 9-12.

With the second page fold it at the ½” and glue it down. Then fold it again 1 ¾” from the first fold-both folded the same way. Glue the top folded piece from the first page (above #9-12) to this second folded section from the second page. Make sure this fold goes under the first paper like a floor under the steps. Glue the first 1 ½” fold under # 1-4 to the “floor” of the second sheet. This will complete the stairway of steps. Now each student can decorate their stairway how they’d like, not covering up the words. Write under # 5-8 “Steps to a Bible Study”.