Does God show His love in different ways to us, depending on our personality?


I think the answer to your question is "Yes." However, I doubt that we can take "The Five Languages of Love" (which I find very helpful) as a way to define "the languages" the Lord uses. Obviously, for instance, touch (hugs, etc.) doesn't apply. I take, it, though, that our personality, maturity, and experiences all affect our need for love. The Lord knows this as no one else can know it. His relationship with each of us is not a "one-size-fits-all" relationship, so He tailors His relationship with us to suit who we are. I think the Lord's relationship with Peter and John - and with each of the other disciples - illustrates this. John was the youngest of the disciples, according to tradition and the fact that he was alive into the 90's. Peter was the most prominent and outspoken of the group. John leaned on the breast of the Lord, but Peter apparently never did. It just wouldn't have suited his personality, as I understand him. The Lord said to peter in front of the others, "Get thee behind Me, Satan." I think if he had said that to John, he would have withered up and died.