Doctrine and Beliefs of Gospel Hall

I am having a little trouble finding you doctrine info on your website.  Where can I find the information on what you believe? 



The page at would give you some information on the doctrine, style and priorities of assemblies.

We believe the Bible is the inspired, once-for-all revealed word of God.  We teach that Salvation from sin is through the death of Christ on the cross.  Works of any kind do not save, but provide evidence of the reality of the dwelling of the Spirit of God.  We believe that the church is a group of called-out believers who share common doctrine and maintain a good testimony of honesty, good works and respect among neighbors and friends.  The pattern of believers found in the Acts and Epistles is our model.  There is no creed or organization other than the Bible that we follow.  We believe Christ will return at some day, known only to God, to rapture all beleivers.

Shad Sluiter