Should church put you on a guilt trip?

Some have suggested that gospel teaching should not convey at sin makes men guilty, but that sin is shameful. Is this right?

Sin is shameful, but it is far more. It is rebellion against divine sovereignty. It offends the very character of God. It ultimately violates God's righteous law, which was given "that every mouth may be stopped and ALL THE WORLD may become GUILTY BEFORE GOD" (Romans 3:19). Guilt is very real and stems from breaking God's law.

Some object because this puts people on a "guilt trip." To soft pedal the reality of guilt is no kindness to the lost. Guilt is NEVER relived by denial. Evading guilt is a serious mistake; guilt is the central issue between man and his Creator. In salvation God removes guilt. None can know guilt removed without facing and acknowledging it. Let the preacher clearly declare the problem of guilt and then the remedy, "Being justified (CLEARED of all guilt!) freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus" (Romans 3:24).

J. Slabaugh