Did Judas Iscariot participate in the Lord's supper?

Does the institution of the Lord's Supper follow Judas' departure?

The historical records of Matthew and Mark place the institution of the Lord's Supper after the Lord spoke of giving the sop to Judas (Matthew 26:20-29; Mark 14:17-26). John gives the conversation in fuller detail and adds that Judas, "having received the sop went immediately out" (John 13:30). Luke 22:14-38 does not contradict this. Typically, Luke develops a moral structure befitting the events he selects. John 13:32,33 contains the Lord's wondrous statement regarding His cross, death, resurrection, and ascension into glory. He refers to the unending revelations of God glorified in Him in eternal oneness. This seems to be linked with Luke 22:22 ("Truly the Son of Man goeth") and therefore to precede the institution of the Supper. Since He then addresses the disciples as little children (John 13:33), commencing the Upper Room ministry, it seems very reasonable to conclude that the Lord instituted the Supper between verses 32 and 33.

J. N. Smith