When should the church celebrate the Lord's supper?

Should the Lord's Supper be observed on Sunday and should it be in the evening, as when the Lord instituted it?

The gospels give us the institution of the Lord's Supper, during the last Passover, which was fulfilled in Christ, the true Passover Lamb. The Lord's Supper was totally new and has no typical teaching. The Jewish calendar determined the day when it was first observed. Also, this was before local testimonies were established. I Corinthians 11:23 emphasizes the revelation given to Paul, again showing its distinctiveness, since this was written before the gospels. Acts 2:42 emphasizes the identification of the breaking of bread with the local assembly. Acts 20:7 shows the perpetuation of the breaking of bread on the "first [day] of weeks" (literal translation, perhaps implying the first day of each week). This establishes Sunday as the day of the commemoration.

Neither the place (in an upper room) nor the time (in the evening) of its institution are given to us as precedents to follow. They are not part of the pattern in Acts or the epistles. The early part of the day gives a primary place to carrying out the command of our Lord, "This do in remembrance of Me." In different cultures, especially when Sunday is a work day, believers may meet at a more suitable time. For the Western culture, the morning of the first day of the week is appropriate.

A. Hull