Should prayers of worship be organized like a sermon?

Should the character of prayers at the Breaking of Bread be like the content of a ministry message?

Prayers at the Breaking of Bread should not be like the content of a ministry message. Ministry is the spiritual service of preaching the Word to God's people and preaching the Gospel to the lost. Prayer at the Breaking of Bread meeting involves worship.

When the Lord Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper He said, "This do in remembrance of Me" (Luke 22:19). Our prayers should express to God our appreciation of the glorious Person and work of the Lord Jesus as our Creator and Redeemer. Therefore our worship should consist of such subjects as: His creation of the universe by the power of His spoken word, His mighty stoop from the throne of Heaven to the womb of the Virgin, His perfect life and service to God and man which brought such delight to God's heart, the rejection and shame men heaped upon Him, His infinite suffering and death upon the cross as the Bearer of our sin, and His glorious resurrection and ascension to God's right hand.

Ministry is a message from God directed manward, whereas public worship is directed God-ward on behalf of the assembly. Both should involve orderly thought, but a consciousness of speaking to God in worship will keep a man from appearing to "teach God knowledge" (Job 21:22).

A. Joyce