In what ways can elders help develop others

In what ways can elders help develop others’ gift in preaching the gospel?

God intends an assembly to be the garden where gift develops. Elders are responsible for this (1 Timothy 4:14). Sunday night gospel meetings are not the place to begin developing gospel gift. A healthy assembly will have a variety of scriptural gospel activities involving younger believers (1 Thessalonians 1:8).

One of the most important helps in preaching is personal witnessing. This teaches a person what truth to present and how to present it effectively. Helping in a Sunday School class or in children’s meetings by teaching children verses or telling a brief Bible story with a simple application is good training. Holding the attention of children during a lesson develops gift. Accompanying a trusted, experienced brother as he presents the gospel in a home visit is valuable. To reach into neighboring communities with the gospel, elders can encourage younger believers to help older workers (Acts 20:4) or to initiate children’s meetings or gospel meetings in rented buildings.

D. Oliver