Is a head covering and woman

Is a head covering and woman’s silence appropriate for every gathering in the assembly’s building?

While many aspects of the assembly’s testimony centers in its place of meeting, the building is not a church nor is it sacred. The building doesn’t sanctify the gatherings in it. If the believers use the building to met when they plan conference meals or discuss building plans or mail tracts, this is not an assembly meeting. On occasion, such gatherings may take place after an assembly meeting. If the ladies choose to retain their head coverings, that doesn’t make it an assembly meeting. In fact, being without a head covering in that circumstance is as appropriate as it is when a sister is walking down the street.

Biblical injunctions requiring a sister’s silence do not apply to such gatherings, because the Christians have not "come together in assembly" (1 Corinthians 11:18, JND). In such a case, a woman’s wearing a head covering is optional and is in no way at variance with her entering into the discussions.

D. Oliver