How should an assembly communicate the desicion to send out a full-time evangelist?

How would elders approach and communicate this decision to the assembly?

Elders encourage spiritual growth in the flock entrusted to them (Acts 20:28). They will therefore look for those whom the Spirit has gifted for service. Further, as did the leaders in Antioch (13:1-3), so elders promote a concern for the work of the Lord locally and further afield. Others gave Paul a good report of Timothy’s activities, so that elders could well encourage a trusted worker to mentor one of their promising young men.

Having encouraged a younger brother, elders unitely seek the Lord’s will (13:2, 3 - fasting, prayer) for that brother. When they are together convinced that God has called him and that he is fitted and sufficiently mature to be "sent forth" (13:4), elders consult with him to determine if he is already convinced of God’s call. Having thus determined the will of God for this brother, they guide the assembly in commending him.

D. Oliver