Can an elder

Can an elder’s wife receive a "crown of glory" (1 Peter 5:2-4)?

That crown is apparently for "under-shepherds" who are taking care of the Chief Shepherd’s sheep. The context of the book may explain why Peter (by the Spirit’s inspiration) calls it a crown of glory. Peter reminds believers of the sufferings of the Lord Jesus and of His subsequent glory (1 Peter 1:11). He encourages believers in their trials that their suffering likewise precedes glory (1:7; 4:13). In two ways, elders may have special sufferings. When enemies persecute believers, leaders are special targets. In addition, the burden of caring for the flock often causes them much grief and suffering of soul. Glory follows suffering, so in a unique way the Lord has reserved for them a crown of glory.

Another crown, the crown of life, is offered to those who "endure temptation" (James 1:12). An elder’s wife may receive this crown for suffering with her husband (in whatever way you may wish to apply that!).

D. Oliver