What is there a difference in the genealogy of Matthew and Luke?

Why do the genealogies in Matthew and Luke differ?

Matthew presents the credentials of the King. The genealogy of Matthew 1 traces His lineage through David and Solomon. David typifies the "King of Glory," strong and mighty in battle (Psalm 24:8), and Solomon typifies the glorious reign of the "King of peace" (Hebrews 7:2), the eternal Son of God (verse 3).

Luke presents a perfect Man Whose pathway leading to Calvary was the revelation of the heart of God (Luke 1:78). Matthew portrays Him as the "Seed of David;" Luke describes the virgin-bom "Seed of the Woman." Luke's genealogy traces Him through David's son, Nathan, not Solomon. Throughout this list, "son" is not in the text except in verse 23 where "as it was supposed" qualifies it. In every other case, Luke says, "of Heli, of..." until he says, "of Adam, of God," "the Son of God" (in the singular and with the article, this is used only of the Lord).

Matthew lists the genealogy of Joseph. Luke gives us the genealogy of Mary. Through Joseph legally and Mary personally, the despised Jesus of Nazareth was truly "born King of the Jews."

N. Crawford