Is it possible that the Lord

Is it possible that the Lord’s brothers were only half brothers?

The idea that Joseph had sons before he married Mary or that those referred to as His brothers were merely His close relatives does not satisfy all the statements of Scripture. The term "brothers" in the New Testament is clearly used to refer to those with common parentage (Matthew 20:20, 24), nationality (Acts 22:1), and spiritual life (Romans 1:13). There are no clear cases of its use for close family relationship apart from common parentage.

In addition, the references to the Lord’s sisters (Matthew 13:56; Mark 6:3) must refer to those who shared a common parentage. In the New Testament, the word "sisters" is only used in that way or for those who are related spiritually - which are not cousins or half brothers..

Most conclusively, Psalm 69 is messianic (vv. 4, 9, 20, 21); "My mother’s children" (v. 8) reproached Him, "for neither did His brethren believe in Him" (John 7:5).

James, Joses, Simon, Judas, and His sisters were the children of both Mary and Joseph.

D. Oliver