What is the significance of Ezekiel

What is the significance of Ezekiel’s being called "son of man"?

The Lord addresses Ezekiel as "son of man" about 93 times. The only other person God addressed in this way was Daniel and on only one occasion (Dan 8:17).

The title, literally rendered "son of Adam," may express God’s tenderness to Ezekiel, in light of his frailty and the failure surrounding him. The title is linked with favor (Psa 8:4, 5). Psalm 80 would inform Ezekiel that the Son of Man will eventually visit and bless the nation (v 17). While Ezekiel witnessed God’s glory departing, the title may have encouraged him since He was linked with the Messiah, Who would one day bring back that glory.

In addition, Ezekiel had a number of likenesses to the Lord Jesus. The ministry of both began at 30 (Eze 1:1). Neither functioned as a priest in the nation due to the nation’s departure (see Psa 110:2, 4). Each was God’s messenger. Ezekiel spoke to the nation, knowing they would not hearken. The Lord came to "His own" knowing that rejection awaited Him. Both were faithful and foresaw the glory departing from the land (Mat 23:38). How encouraging that those who are faithful to God, yet appear unsuccessful, are a fragrant reminder to God of the faithful Witness (Rev 1:5), Whom some deemed a failure.

God’s addressing Ezekiel in this way so often would be very encouraging. In his difficult service, he was unique and special to God.

D. Oliver